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Dear Friends of the Richard Juryn Memorial Trail and all North Shore Trails,

It has been some time since we last updated you on Richard's trail, but there had not been any substantial changes or updates to report until now. We are very excited to provide you with a new proposal for some upgrades to Richard's trail.

The remaining funds raised from our initial events in 2008 will be used to assist in the development of this trail with capital projects such as sustainable trail engineering, bridges, signage and fencing if required.

The following has been proposed by dedicated supporters of North Shore trail development.

Proposal presented to Metro Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver:

The North Shore Mountains are a destination for mountain bikers around the world. People come to the North Shore to be challenged by the terrain; even more so, to be a part of it. With the growth of the sport, one component of the network is lacking on the north shore; a system of trails where people can learn to ride, beginner riders can learn new skills without being intimidated by the terrain. Additionally providing a network for those who have experienced challenging trails and want a different kind of riding, that may not be as challenging as traditional North Shore trails.

The Goal:

To create a network of multi-use, non-motorized trails to provide access to youth and novice cyclists - to also be enjoyed by hikers, equestrians, runners and dog walkers for the north shore.

A Description of the project including expected objectives and activities:

Developing a trail network accessible to a wide range of users in the community will offer a venue for youth and beginner riders to learn basic skills, develop confidence and learn to appreciate the surrounding beautiful and natural environment of the North Shore. The network will manage risk in controlled environments by offering trails where users can develop confidence in a natural setting. By providing a learning environment in a natural setting, the risk of learning on more challenging terrain of the local trail systems will be reduced. The close proximity to North Shore communities and visitor access will help foster a family-oriented lifestyle including users of all skills and ages to participate. Providing a network for youth to learn the basic skills and develop their confidence has been shown to create opportunities to teach young or old riders necessary skills which will cultivate a strong community-based and positive recreational experience.

Issues or community priorities that this project will address:

Growing communities need venues to provide recreational opportunities to the residents. A cohesive bike network will provide a community resource and legacy to cultivate local spirit allowing skills to be passed on to new riders. The fostering of acceptable sport etiquette will be propagated to create a dynamic, positive "back yard" experience, right here on the North Shore.

Mountain biking is a healthy physical outlet providing recreational challenges while establishing social groups of like-minded individuals. It is also a sport that builds confidence, teaches perseverance, and through mentoring of young and beginner riders, develops leadership and volunteerism skills with local associations and like-minded memberships.

Non-riders will also enjoy this trail network with appropriate signage and right-of-way markings to encourage sharing with hikers, dog-walkers, equestrians and trail runners making the experience enjoyable for all.

Measurable Objectives:

The success of this important project will be attained by the creation of an accessible network as a community North Shore Legacy for all supporters to enjoy. This will be measured by support, donations and community participation with events such as the Richard Juryn Memorial Trail Day, June 2008 and the North Shore Bike Festival, May 2009.

Additionally, landowners will be served since this initiative will increase manageable recreational capacity creating a legacy while developing community participation and enhancing the North Shore's visibility as an international tourism destination.

Target groups to be served:

Targeting youth and the next generation by offering non-intimidating trail areas to learn safe, long-term riding skills will bring youth and families together - participating in valuable outdoor activities. Mountain biking is an inclusive, outdoor activity for men, women and kids. Getting the community outdoors to appreciate the natural setting will showcase the North Shore as the "birth place of mountain biking", as known around the world.

A number of retailers are now using cycling in their marketing and advertising as a current target group has exploded. The North Shore's own North Shore Credit Union was one of the first to do this, along with Mountain Equipment Co-op's local outdoor signage, just to name a few. Many North Shore and lower mainland cycle related retailers are experiencing substantial growth from community interest in this industry. Mountain biking and cycling is now our region's most well-regarded, eco-friendly, youthful community activity. Anyone with basic cycling skills, usually learned at a young age, will be able to enjoy this activity. You never forget to ride a bike.

proposed trail map

New trail proposal forthcoming.

Your financial support, community involvement and trail development participation for North Shore trails and the Richard Juryn Memorial Trail creates a lasting legacy for all to enjoy. Please stay posted for more news about activities and events supporting trails on the North Shore.


Robin J. Harvey
Communications & Marketing Director
Richard Juryn Memorial Trail Fund Administrator

From 2008 - Original Map Proposal

Richard Juryn Memorial Trial Proposed Route